Earth Song

Sam Evans is a Bristol based musician who loves life. This year, an intuitive calling influenced him to set up aa weekly singing, yoga and meditation class in Bristol – this class is called ‘Earth Song’. The intention behind Earth Song is to give people of all abilities a chance to connect with their soul voice in a relaxed and sacred space through singing and movement, grounding us to our spiritual roots and bringing forth a light that has been lost in many peoples lives. Sam teaches in a very open and accepting way and he creates a space that is respectful and non-judgemental. He has many simple songs that vary in style and feel, these songs are sung as a mantra which means the melody and the words are repeated. The songs aim to bring a deep sense of togetherness, relaxation and tranquility into the body, likewise the movement and meditation is often synchronised with the breath to help to bring our attention to the moment, and draw energy into the body.


“Earth Song a fun and friendly class that I have designed to leave you feeling positive, uplifted and grounded. Each session includes physical activities to get your blood flowing, group singing which creates an amazing atmosphere and breathing exercises to relax the busy mind. No experience is necessary, do bring a bottle of water”

When? Sundays at 7pm
Where? Aria Music Academy, 8 Brunswick Square, Bristol
Who? 18 years and older
How to book? Pay £6 on the door, or via MoveGB

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