My Favourite Albums / Songs

I will always love an ‘Album’…. but it really is make or break for an artist because If we’re listening and get to track 9 on the album and it sounds like every other song, or its just not very good, then my rating of that artist goes down… If an artist can deliver an album of songs that keep me listening then I tip my hat to them….  and they can go on my ‘hall of fame’ album list below!


My Hall Of Fame – Albums

Foy Vance – Joy Of Nothing
– superb songwriting / poetry / musicianship / singing. Love the sentiment and alway takes me to the empty roads of Ireland….

Xavier Rudd – Spirit Bird
– saw this album performed live at Oceanfest 2012 and was blown away by multi-instrumentalist with a genuine message of unity, Xavier Rudd. Dheck out all his other albums too…. especially ‘Nana’ if you want something summery with a band 

Rising Appalachia – Wider Circles 
– when this album came it, it just seemed to affirm everything at that time. The musicianship is incredible, beautifully performed banjo, acoustic guitar, djembe / percussion and 2 part harmonies with brilliant lyrical content make it one of my all time favourite albums to listen to…. and it does NOT get boring …. EVER! 

More to come…..